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For the aspiring Tennis professional

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Opening Times

  • MON-FRI 07:00-20:00
  • SAT 10:00-16:00
  • A great training environment, where the combination of talented children and highly motivated and committed coaches produces excellent results.

    Parent - Cathy Price


Compete Strength & Conditioning

What kind of athlete are we striving to produce at Compete Tennis? They will be strong in three areas:

HEAD – Professionalism can be defined as controlling the controllables! If an athlete believes they have given their all during S&C sessions it can give a huge sense of confidence on the match court knowing this important area has been controlled. “THE HEAD” will be clear enough in pressure situations to win tight matches.

HEART – In this context we are talking about the kind of heart that you can wear on your sleeve – determination, courage, love of the battle. This will come to the fore when the going gets tough, the want and will to dig a bit deeper or simply believing they have the right to win as they have trained their hardest off the tennis court- “THE HEART”- will carry them through a tough match.

LEGS – The displayed physical component which is usually the prime focus of Strength & Conditioning. Of course a good programme should develop key elements such as strength, speed, aerobic capabilities, agility, balance and coordination. Importantly the overall programme should also look to develop an athlete’s robustness. That is the ability to withstand the physical stresses that tennis places on the body, hopefully preventing the body breaking down both from a day to day perspective but also throughout the athlete’s career. “THE LEGS” will intimidate opponents before the match has even started.

Welcome Competition – Challenge Yourself

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