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What is AASE?

AASE is delivered through a network of LTA accredited High Performance Centre (HPC's). The programme is aimed at players aged between 16 to 18 years old and provides a clear professional pathway for young players to become professional players, coaches and other tennis professionals, whilst gaining qualifications.

The AASE programme offers an extensive programme for players by offering access to high quality training, key speakers, educational resources, day tournament visits and the possibility of high quality progression routes to full time tennis, full time coaching or a University scholarship either at home or abroad.

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How does it work?

The scheme comprises the following elements:

1. Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Sports Performance made up of nine units covering technical; tactical; mental skills; physical conditioning; nutrition; career, planning; communication skills; lifestyle management; and health and safety.

2. Level 3 Certificate in Achieving Excellence in tennis, made up of nine units covering technical; tactical; mental skills; physical conditioning; nutrition; career, planning; communication skills; lifestyle management; and health and safety.

3. Functional Skills in Application of Number and Communication (Please note that if you have achieved GCSE grade C or above in English and Maths, you will be exempt from this component).
It should be noted that AASE is for players who are committed to tennis training and competition. AASE is not for players who do not have tennis at the centre of their plans.

Playing ability and criteria

6.1 rating or above

Training a minimum of 16 hours per week (including physical conditioning and matches) with a further additional commitment to tennis related activity such as planning, file work, traveling, hitting with HPC juniors, etc

Players on AASE are expected to compete at National/International level on a regular basis this means demonstrating a full tournament programme including a minimum of 10 identified national events (a year) including Aegon British Tour; ITF Junior Events, ITF Pro-series, Aegon County Cup, National Grade 1 and 2 events (additional Aegon Team Tennis events)


Completed GCSE's in Maths and English summer 2012

In discussion with your HPC, there is also the option of undertaking an additional 16 hours learning per week outside the AASE programme and this is completed outside of the AASE Apprenticeship and around the training and competition programme.

Can I apply?

The information above outlines the criteria you will need to meet in order to apply. An application form for 2012/13 is now available to download please submit this with your weekly training plan and tournament schedule to your chosen HPC and they will also interview players for suitability for the programme. Applications must be submitted by the 17th August 2012.

How many hours should I play?

Compete tennis pathway: View PDF

Mini tennis pathway: View PDF

EPIC groups contact

Tom Higgins on

Essex County LTA Office on

Talent County Performance Officer on

Compete tennis coaches will endeavour to attend Grade 1 & 2 events

The Compete Tennis Coaching Team will attend all Grade 1 events (Main Draw), domestic ITFs (Main Draw), domestic Tennis Europe events (Main Draw). In addition we will endeavour to be at the qualifying events of such tournaments, as well as regular attendance at Grade 2 and 3 events in the UK.

My child always trains better with better players. Why should he/she train with players who are not as strong?

This is not a good thing to hear, as it shows a weakness in the player’s ability to cope with the situation of being the stronger player on court. This can happen for a variety of reasons.
Players often play “better” when they hit with players that are stronger than them- the extra power on the ball makes it easier for them to hit harder. Against weaker players it is often necessary to generate the power yourself, and this is a skill that does not always come easily and needs practice and training!

Players are also required to focus better to compete with stronger players. However, it is important that players do not become reliant on external influences to motivate them and keep focus. It is vital that this is an intrinsic quality that comes naturally to players in all situations. Training with “weaker” players will help to ingrain this.

It is our aim that Compete Tennis players are the best players in the tournaments that they play in, whether that be county, regional, national or international level- this will mean that they are achieving success at the level they are competing at. Training with “weaker” players helps the player to get used to the feeling of being the best and gives them the opportunity to get used to the feelings and emotions that this brings up.

How quickly can my child progress through Red, Orange and Green ball Mini Tennis?

It will be at the Coaching Team’s discretion, in conjunction with the TPC (Talent and Performance Coordinator), to decide when a player will move from one ball to the next. The decision will be based on competition and the aptitude (technical, tactical, physical, mental) of the child. Most players will begin to move during their transition period.

How do you become a matrix player?

Matrix funding is based on national and international ranking from 14 upwards, and PPP (Performance Player Potential)  for the younger age groups. For more details please follow this link:

Are all the coaches qualified and CRB checked?

Yes. All coaches have completed LTA Performance Coach qualifications and are fully licensed.

Should my child go full time or stay in education?

This is one of the toughest decisions to make and one that depends entirely on the individual situation. It is also an area that needs direction because decisions that are made at the age of 14 can affect opportunities that arise 4 or 5 years later, with regard to entrance to US or UK universities. All of the coaching team have been through this process and would be happy to discuss individual cases in more detail.

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What is EPIC how can I get my child involved?

EPIC- Essex Pathway to International Competition is a scheme to talent Id 6-7 year old in Essex twice a year. It has been running for the past 3 years and has been a great success seeing players progress into National players.

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Will my child be the next No. 1 in the world?

We can not guarantee the success of any child and nor would we make those sorts of predictions. We will strive to make every child maximise their potential and get the most out of the game of tennis that they can, whether that be professionally, US or UK University tennis, coaching, travel abroad or any other opportunity that arises.

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