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  • Coaches really make a difference to your game. I can't give the Compete coaching team enough credit for their input. Great facilities. Wonderful place to come and play.

    Thomas Young


Nigel Parsons
Year that you started coaching:


First coaching job:

Performance Coach, Sutton Junior Tennis Centre

Current coaching position:

Director, Head of AASE, 10+ squad Programme Manager

How long did you compete full time for:

Spain, Jersey, Scotland, Wales, Ireland.

Welcome Competition – Challenge Yourself
Which countries have visited on your tennis travels:

Spain, Jersey, Scotland, Wales, Ireland.

Best moment as a Coach so far:

After leaving my last job at Sutton I had a player write me a letter saying how much he had enjoyed working with me and that I would be sadly missed by him and other players. This was great to receive and to realise how much my coaching had impacted on him. 

Best moment as a Player:

Playing on a scholarship and having the opportunity of playing full time.

Where did you train:

Sutton Junior Tennis Centre.

Which coach had the biggest impact on your playing career and coaching career and why:

John Pearce, my first coach, made tennis fun for me, worked me hard and saw potential in me which led me to go to an academy after only a year of playing tennis. Rob Antoun. Rob was the national coach when I was at Sutton and he always welcomed you on court to let you watch and offered advice on any question you had. He always made time for me.

Hobbies outside of Tennis:

Golf, football.

Favourite Films:

ALL THE JAMES BONDS, Men of Honour, Casino.

Best piece of advice for the aspiring professional:

It’s a tough journey to make it in tennis but dedication and discipline will make you the best you can be. Believe in your own tennis ability.

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