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For the aspiring Tennis professional

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Opening Times

  • MON-FRI 07:00-20:00
  • SAT 10:00-16:00



Acceptance on to Compete Tennis Squad Programme

Places on the squad programme are limited and will be decided at the discretion of the Compete Tennis Coaching Team. Acceptance will be based on playing standard, attitude, age, rating, ranking, tournament results and TPC/TPM recommendation.

Training Environment

We guarantee each training session will be conducted by licensed, qualified coach(es) in an environment that gives ‘the player’ an opportunity to broaden their knowledge.

In the event of Serious Injury/Illness

If ‘the player’ suffers from a single injury or illness which causes them to be absent from the academy the following procedures will be followed in relation to payments/refunds:

  • Absence for up to 2 weeks – No refund
  • Absence for 3rd consecutive full week of term and beyond – 100% refund for payments made by all players.
  • Medical Insurance for any such serious injuries or illness is advised to cover any loss of fees paid to Compete Tennis and is the responsibility of the player’s parent to organise.

Player Compete Commitment

Acceptance of a place at Compete Tennis is a commitment by the player to compete in at least forty official matches per year. Failure to do so may result in subsequent invitations to squads being revoked.

Online Profile Registration

All players who attend one squad or more run by Compete Tennis will be expected to register Redbridge Tennis Club as their primary or secondary tennis club on their online profile on the LTA website. Players are also required to update their training centre profile appropriately. Failure to do so will result in subsequent invitations to squads being revoked.

Domestic and International Tournament Play/Holiday

If ‘The Player’ is absent from the academy, competing internationally (with a ‘Compete Tennis Trip’ or otherwise) or at any Domestic LTA sanctioned tournament, there will be no refunds of fees. This is the case whether the absence is due to tournament play or family holidays taken during term time.

Compete Tennis Trips

Compete Tennis will provide players with the opportunity to compete/train abroad from time to time. The cost of all Compete Tennis trips is in addition to termly training fees.

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